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Welcome to jbv.com

This is the starting point for current and prospective entrepreneurs.

We hope you find just what you need here. Browse through some of the excellent material on the entrepreneurial process that our editor, John Vinturella, has collected and developed over the years. Select a specific interest from the dropdown menu above. Or, go through our tutorials in entrepreneurial studies and in Internet marketing.

Roll your mouse over the menu items above to choose from our many options. If you have a pop-up blocker you may have to hold down Ctrl to link. And, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Pro-Forma Generator + is now available for purchase

Would you be interested in a spreadsheet where you could enter some basic data in a setup page, and have the key financial reports generated automatically? Then PFG+ is for you. To purchase for $30 simply send us an email, and we will forward the spreadsheet to you. For detailed information, see our PFG+ slide show.

We have assembled some great resources for entrepreneurs and those of you considering entrepreneurial ventures.

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Wishing you success,

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John B. Vinturella, Ph.D.

Thanks for visiting our site. We work hard to keep it current, fresh and interesting. We hope you found some useful information here. Below see the latest headlines (via their RSS feed) from About.com: Financial Planning.

» A Balanced Approach To Spending And Saving
01/08/15 08:21 from About.com Financial Planning: Most Popular Articles
One key to retiring happily is to have a balanced approach to spending and saving. This taxes, savings, life approach will help you get there.

» Why You Need a Will
01/08/15 08:21 from About.com Financial Planning: Most Popular Articles
Do You Need a Will? The Answer is Probably Yes.

» How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?
01/08/15 08:21 from About.com Financial Planning: Most Popular Articles
If you don’t have enough life insurance, you could put your family in a difficult situation upon your death, but having too much could mean you are throwing money out the window. So, how much life insurance do you need?

» 10 Secrets Of Millionaires That Might Surprise...
01/08/15 08:21 from About.com Financial Planning: Most Popular Articles
The secrets to becoming a millionaire may not be mysterious as you think. Small tweaks, goal setting and long-term investing can help you get there.

» Choosing the Best Mortgage
01/08/15 08:21 from About.com Financial Planning: Most Popular Articles
Choosing the Best Mortgage for You. Why It's Important and How To Do It

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