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 John B. Vinturella, MBA, Ph.D.
e-mail:             jbv@jbv.com
Phone:               (513) 246-3999
Mobile:              (504) 914-9998

Management consultant
specializing in startups, small and family businesses.
First hour free, reasonable rates, call today


40 years as a professional manager, entrepreneur and strategist.

Founder and 20-year President of Tammany Supply, Inc. (TSI), sold to regional chain in 1998:

The company was:

  • Dominant in its market area ($9-million annual sales)
  • A consistent high performer, as measured by industry norms
  • Named a Blue-Chip Enterprise by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1994
  • Recognized for innovative use of technology ("The Wizardry of Tammany Supply")
    in the trade journal Supply House Times.

Partial List of Consulting Clients:

  • Volunteer Executive for International Executive Service Corps
  • Carmelite Ministries: Feasibility Study for Daycare Center
  • Southland Plumbing Supply: Organizational and Computing Planning
  • Information Management Consultants: Expert witness on software issues
  • Bureau of Governmental Research: Organization and Computing Planning
  • Digi-Sci Ltd., Calgary, AL, Canada: Sales Support and Process Studies
  • Office of the Governor (LA): Statewide Telecommunications Network Requirements Study

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Wishing you success,

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John B. Vinturella, Ph.D.

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