Our Services

Among the services that we can provide to your company are:

  • Performance Audit

    Performance Audit

    A company performance audit consists of an evaluation of the management structure, division of responsibilities, workforce, processes, operating results and, where available, comparison to industry norms. The deliverable is an analysis of these areas and pertinent research with an eye toward improvement and innovation.

  •  Process Improvement

    Process Improvements

    Process improvement focuses on process bottlenecks and other inefficiencies in order to smooth performance and take advantage of other possible improvements. The study may also find unnecessary and duplicative processes and better ways to perform these functions.

  • Strategy Development

    Strategy Development

    Strategy development best begins as a component of a comprehensive business plan. The current strategy has often evolved and it may be a challenge to document it. Results attributable to this strategy form the basis for the development of a clearer and more effective direction.


Entrepreneurial Resources.

We have found useful information on starting a business in Entrepreneur magazine’s news feed on startups. We have provided that feed (under “Read More), which changes frequently. We also have a book in the works, “8 Steps to Starting a Business,” and we will keep you informed as to its progress.

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John B. Vinturella, Ph.D.

John has more than 40 years’ experience as an educator, manager, entrepreneur and strategist. He is the co-author of “Raising Entrepreneurial Capital,” now in its second edition, and author of “The Entrepreneur’s Fieldbook.”

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